This essay aims to clearly and persuasively explain why I have decided to discontinue using Discord and why I highly recommend that you consider doing the same.

Firstly, one of the primary reasons behind my choice is that Discord requires users to utilize a nonfree client. This means that as users, we lack the freedom to modify the client or examine the source code to ensure its integrity and security. Many prominent figures, including Richard Stallman, consider this aspect of Discord to be a form of malware. I encourage you to read Stallman's comprehensive explanation on why Discord should be avoided, which served as an inspiration for this page.

Furthermore, Discord operates as a data harvesting factory. The unnecessary extent of data collection conducted by Discord is truly staggering, as evident when requesting your personal data package from them (note that the availability of this package depends on your local regulations so you may not be able to request it). This package reveals the vast range of information they accumulate, spanning from every message you've ever sent to details about the games you played while the Discord app was open. There have even been claims that Discord collects information about all running processes, not just games.

It is crucial to note that Discord direct messages (DMs) lack end-to-end encryption. Consequently, by definition, they cannot be considered true DMs since the term "direct" implies that only the intended recipient has access to the message and the freedom to choose whether or not to share it further. However, with Discord, this level of privacy is not guaranteed, as malicious actors could potentially read your messages without your knowledge or consent, bypassing the recipient altogether. But for this to happen, Discord would need to be breached, that being by an external entity or an employee.

Considering these concerns, I kindly request that those attempting to contact me utilize Matrix, an open-source standard that genuinely implements end-to-end encryption. On Matrix, you can find me at